Audio,Video and Streaming

LREMedia Productions can provide you video, audio and streaming productions for your upcoming business / social activities such as workshops, seminars and presentations up to a 3 camera setup.

We can video record your business workshops, seminars and presentations all in HD quality.

Streaming your event is also possible with us. We can provide you with the possibility to stream your event on your social media source, like Youtube, Facebook and much more…. Interact visually with your client or speakers from abroad.

With our Caller Application we can connect you visually anywhere in the world with your guests.
As technology improves, so do we.

Contact us for a demonstration and raise your coming event to the next level.

Voice Talent

Choose from Male, Female, Kids, Latin voice talent and from a variety of different dialects and nationalities. We have voice talent with English, Spanish, Dutch or other accents.

You get the idea – we have great voice talent that can fit the voice over role you need for any production like, online advertisements, internet infomercials, TV commercials, Radio Commercials, Movie Trailer, Jingles, Promos, Audio books, Educational Video, Narration for Documentaries, Telephone System Recordings …….. You name it!!

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Promotie voor uw bedrijf (ned)

Promotie voor uw bedrijf is vandaag de dag een must, promotie voor je bedrijf hoeft niet per se duur te zijn. Dat is waar wij ons steentje kunnen bijdragen om je te helpen je promotie te maken, die niet perse naar de televisie moet, maar die je in de consistente media zoals facebook, youtube, website of elk andere media.

Laat ons jou helpen met het maken van je promotie, dat maakt dat je bedrijf meer omzet zal maken en met meer omzet kun je meer produceren voor je bedrijf, meer cliënten en een betere Curaçao.

Onze promotiepakketten starten vanaf nafl 550. Je eigen promotie die je waar je ook wilt op welke media je beslist kunt tonen, en vergeet niet dat wij ook radiospots maken. Bezoek voor meer informatie onze website

Of bel ons Tel: 510-1054 vrijblijvend met je idee en wij maken dit mogelijk, binnen een aantal dagen.

Promoshon pa bo empresa (pap)

Promoshon pa bo empresa ta un mester awendia, promoshon pa bo empresa no nesesariamente mester ta un dineral. Einan nos ta kai aden pa yudabo traha bo promoshon ku no nesesariamente mester bai televishon pero si por hasi uzo den media konsistente esta facebook, youtube, página wèp òf kualke otro media.

Laga nos yudabo traha bo promoshon, esei ta pone ku bo empresa lo generá mas entrada y ku mas entrada bo por produsí mas pa bo empresa, mas kliente i un mihó Kòrsou.

Nos paketenan di promoshon ta kuminsá for di nafl.550. Bo mes promoshon ku bo por pasa unda ku bo ke na kua media ku bo ke, i no lubidá nos ta traha propaganda pa radio tambe.

Bishitá nos página wèp pa mas informashon.
Òf yama nos libramente na Tel: 510-1054 ku bo idea y nos lo hasi esaki posibel, den par di dia.

Promotion for your business (Eng)

Promotion for your business nowadays is a must, promotion for your business doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive.  That is where we come in handy to help you make your promotion that doesn’t necessarily need to be broadcasted on tv, but on consistent media such as facebook, youtube, website or any other media.

Let us help you make your promotion, which makes your business sell more, and with more sales you can produce more for your business, more clients and a better Curacao.

Our promotion packages start from nafl 550. Your own promotion which you can show on an media you choose, and don’t forget that we can also make radio spots.

For more information visit our website

Or call us freely at Tel: 510-1054 with your idea and we will make it possible within a few days.